General format for Full paper

This is a general suggested framework for preparing and submitting your full paper for the APSWC 2019.

  1. Abstract Registration No.
  2. Conference Registration No.
  3. Title
  4. Abstract (structured- Background, Materials & Methods, results, conclusion)
  5. Key words (5 words maximum)
  6. Details of All the authors: full name, qualifications, designation, address
  • Corresponding author's details (Address, Email, phone number)
  • Full Paper format: Maximum 5000 words
  1.  Introduction or / and background (clearly stating the current knowledge about the topic (review of literature with latest citations), limitations and significance/ rationale of the study, the objectives/aims of the study and hypothesis if any.
  2. Materials and methods (For original studies- study design, setting of the study, study population with sample size, inclusion and exclusion criteria, tools for data collection and their psychometric properties, methods of data collection, data analysis, ethical considerations) (review articles may follow the PRISMA guidelines or Scoping Review guidelines)
  3. Results (original articles- presenting socio-demographic details of study participants, significant results in consistent with aims/objectives/ hypothesis with tables) (review articles may follow the PRISMA or Scoping Review guidelines)
  4. Discussion of results in comparison with existing literature/ evaluation / analysis of concepts / learnings / outcomes / observations and implications, conclusions
  • Enclosures
  1. Conflict of interest (declaration if any) (not counted for words)
  2. Acknowledgements (not counted for words)
  3. References- APA 6th style (not counted for words)